Coming up with a great set of metrics is an art in itself — they can lead to better Product Decision, makes it easier to align all stakeholder, and discovery around how your product is being used.

Each Product will have 3–5 Key Metrics, that can provide a holistic view…

1) The innovation

Empower Data Analyst/Software Engineer/Data Scientists to build state of the art computer vision solutions

2) Why do it? (The real pain)

Current deep learning methods require a huge amount of data and compute. Most Companies can benefit from having some kind of in-house CV related algorithms. Yet the expertise and money required to build a production-grade solution…

Here are some examples I generated to see Adversarial Examples of Vital Signs Time Series. You can see how the Time Series changes. It is no more the same example, it can be very well considered a different and independent time series vital sign sample. Unlike in images, where a human can still tell the target label easily.

Adversarial Images can be correctly classified by humans

Adversarial Examples were created using Jacobian Saliency map Attack with theta value as 0.4 and gamma as 0.2.

Aashay Sachdeva

Connecting the Dots.

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