A note on how to take care of yourself

Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

There have been so many times in our lives where we’ve felt very alone and miserable. But very slowly we have learnt how to take a few things in our control. And that is the beauty of being a human. We can come out as a better version of ourselves even after going through tough times. This is a curation of what I have learnt and what people around me feel is important.
(I am also volunteering as a listener at a self help community, if you are going through a tough time, we are there for you! Join us here anonymously — https://discord.gg/cStuasJ)

Destroy the idea that you gotta be good at artistic things to enjoy them, that every hobby has to become something you’re so good at, you can monetize it. A capitalist lie. Sing offkey, draw poorly, write badly. Life is meant to be enjoyed, not monetized. You’re not a product.

7. Have an active lifestyle. Exercise multiple times a week. Lift weights. Learn martial arts, or play your favorite sport. Go on a trek. Save up money and go on that trip. When you are young and don’t have responsibilities, it is easier to do these.

If you have any other great advice, drop it in the response!



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