If you really want to make a bigger difference, consider the developing and third world nations for your nanodegrees .

I am a huge Udacity fan. If it wasn’t for Udacity, I would hardly be able to write a basic arithmetic program let alone a program for Neural Network in Tensorflow. I owe it to Udacity. But there are some fatal flaws in Udacity too. Nothing is ever too perfect.

So, Udacity has been releasing these awesome nanodegrees for Jobs of the future. One of the nanodegrees that really intrigued me was self diving car nanodegree. I have been crazy about them since a long time and finally someone was teaching us how to build them. Everything was fine till now.Then I looked at the price……$800 Dollar for one term! And it consist of three terms, so effectively it is $2400 dollars for the nan0degree.

$2400 is equivalent to INR 154857. That is equivalent to my college fee for an year. And I thought Udacity was about making education accessible to everyone. Sigh.

They may have put a lot of thought into making the material, which is commendable, but what is the point when a country like mine with amazing untapped potential can’t get access to it because it is just too costly ?

Average household income in USA is $51,939, while in India it is a measly $5600 in India. And this is one of the fastest growing country in the world.

So Yes, Udacity, affording your nanodegrees is still hard for us. We don’t necessarily lack the desire to be great, we sometimes just lack the resource. May be you will still bring a change, and I wish you luck, but if you don’t exploit a population of 1.2 billion, someone else will.

Self Driving Cars are cool though.

Connecting the Dots.