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  • Yield Guild Games

    Yield Guild Games

    A play-to-earn gaming guild, seeking yield around the Metaverse.

  • Illia Polosukhin

    Illia Polosukhin

    Co-Founder @ NEAR Protocol. Simple. Secure. Scalable. I'm tweeting as @ilblackdragon.

  • Anatoly Yakovenko

    Anatoly Yakovenko

    Founder and CEO at Solana. World class underwater hockey player, Qualcomm, Dropbox, Mesosphere and UIUC alum.

  • Pedro Franceschi

    Pedro Franceschi

    Founder of Brex

  • Shruti Chaturvedi

    Shruti Chaturvedi

    Product Designer @ DelightChat

  • Rich Mironov

    Rich Mironov

    Tech start-up veteran, smokejumper CPO/product management VP, writer, coach for product leaders, analogy wrangler, product camp founder.

  • Johny Vino

    Johny Vino

    Specialized in humanizing User Experience. www.johnyvino.com. Building: interactions.johnyvino.com | skl.sh/johny

  • Sofia Quintero

    Sofia Quintero

    Founder and CEO at https://getenjoyhq.com/

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